The Game-manager

for awesome LAN-Parties. Fast, easy, reliable, Peer-to-Peer.


The "1-Click-Game-Manager" for LAN-Parties. In contrast to Steam and others, the LAN Launcher uses P2P. That means that on a LAN-Party you must not have an Internet connection, Server, USB-Sticks, Hard Drives etc. to share the games. All games that were initially installed via the Launcher, will also be distributed to other Players. Even game-updates will be automatically received and installed. The program is designed so that even the Dummy User is able to use it and the games are up and running very fast.


  • Great selection of games LAN-suitable to install with just one click
  • Easy uninstall and repair
  • Automatic distribution to other players in the same network
  • Based on the performant BTSync protocol
  • All games playable with Windows 10
  • Transfer can be limited to LAN-environment
  • Sync-VM allows even faster distribution

Please note

We hope for more feedback and an active community! If you got any problems with the installation or the Launcher itself, register yourself in the forum, so that we can analyze your problem and improve the program - to have everybody benefit.

  • Thank You!

Current setup file



Setup created on: 19.02.2024

SHA1: 01173EE2B5AB85C17602A66C570C7099D6908931
SHA256: 299AFFF463193B2499EA34CDE1921460906AEE5E2319C0BC038486ED8FF9FA9E
CRC32: E042B756

Icon Game Genre Publisher Size (in GB)
7 Days to DieFirst-person ShooterThe Fun Pimps10.5
8-Bit ArmiesReal-time strategyPetroglyph Games1.9
Age of Empires II (HD)Real-time strategyMicrosoft8.6
Age of Empires IIIReal-time strategyMicrosoft6.1
Alien Swarm: Reactive DropTop-Down ShooterReactive Drop Team5.6
Aliens vs. PredatorFirst-person ShooterSEGA35
Aliens: Fireteam EliteFirst-person ShooterCold Iron Studios53
Among UsTactical gameInnersloth0.3
Anno 1404 (History Edition)Real-time strategyUbisoft10.6
Anno 1701 (History Edition)Real-time strategyKoch Media9
Assetto CorsaRacing505 Games52
BarotraumaCasualDaedalic Entertainment1
Battalion 1944First-person ShooterBulkhead Interactive36.1
Battlefield 1942First-person ShooterEA DICE7.8
Battlefield 2 Complete EditionFirst-person ShooterElectronic Arts8
Battlefield 2142First-person ShooterEA DICE3.86
Battlefield 3First-person ShooterEA DICE64
Battlefield 4First-person ShooterEA DICE124
Battlefield HardlineFirst-person ShooterElectronic Arts130
Battlefield: Bad Company 2First-person ShooterEA DICE16
Black Mesa Definitive EditionHack and SlayCrowbar Collective41
BlazeRushRacingTargem Games1.3
Blobby Volley 2Tactical gameKnobe and Sieber0.02
Blood II: The ChosenFirst-person ShooterGT Interactive0.9
BlurRacingBizarre Creations12.2
Borderlands 2First-person Shooter2K Games17.9
C-Dogs SDL (Cyberdogs Remake)Top-Down ShooterRonny Wester0.3
Call of Duty 2First-person ShooterActivision7
Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareFirst-person ShooterActivision / Square Enix13
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (IW4x)First-person ShooterActivision23.9
Call of Duty: United OffensiveFirst-person ShooterActivision3.8
Call of Duty: WWIIFirst-person ShooterActivison232
Call of Duty: World at WarFirst-person ShooterActivision25.7
Call of Juarez: Bound In BloodFirst-person ShooterUbisoft2.74
Carmageddon ReincarnationRacingStainless Games21.7
Chivalry: Medieval WarfareHack and SlayActivision12.8
Civilization IVReal-time strategy2K Games7.3
Civilization VReal-time strategy2K Games9.1
Command & Conquer - Red Alert 2Real-time strategyElectronic Arts5.8
Command & Conquer - Red Alert 3 / Generals EvolutionReal-time strategyElectronic Arts23
Command & Conquer - RemasteredReal-time strategyWestwood Studios40
Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium WarsReal-time strategyElectronic Arts23.4
Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian TwilightReal-time strategyElectronic Arts18
Command and Conquer: Generals - Zero HourReal-time strategyElectronic Arts4.6
Company of HeroesReal-time strategyRelic Entertainment15.7
Company of Heroes 2Real-time strategyRelic Entertainment34.3
CosmoteerSimulationWalternate Realities2.4
Cossacks 3Real-time strategyGSC Game World12.3
Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveFirst-person ShooterValve Corporation29
Counter-Strike: SourceFirst-person ShooterValve Corporation9.9
Crashday Redline EditionRacingReplay Studios0.8
Cube 2 - SauerbratenHack and SlayAardappel, Eihrul and others1.3
Day of Defeat: SourceFirst-person ShooterValve Corporation5.8
Dead Island Definitive EditionFirst-person ShooterDeep Silver12
Dead by DaylightSurvivalBehaviour Interactive17
Death RallyRacingRemedy Entertainment1
Deep Rock GalacticSimulationGhost Ship Games3.8
DemigodHack and SlayStardock Entertainment4.5
DemonstarTop-Down ShooterMountain King Studios0.01
Diablo II: Lord of DestructionHack and SlayBlizzard Entertainment3.6
Diablo III: Reaper of SoulsHack and SlayBlizzard Entertainment33
Diablo: Hellfire (DevilutionX)Hack and SlayBlizzard Entertainment1.3
Die Siedler II – Die nächste GenerationReal-time strategyBlue Byte0.9
Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive EditionHack and SlayLarian Studios47
Doom / Heretic / HexenFirst-person Shooterid Software1.1
Duke Nukem 3DFirst-person Shooter3D Realms2.3
Dune LegacyReal-time strategyDune Legacy Team0.3
Dungeon DefendersFirst-person ShooterTrendy Entertainment14
Dungeon SiegeHack and SlayMicrosoft3.2
Dungeon Siege II: Broken WorldHack and SlayMicrosoft5.5
EarthfallFirst-person ShooterHolospark23.1
Empire Earth 3Real-time strategySierra Entertainment9.5
Empires - Dawn of the Modern WorldReal-time strategyActivision4.5
FactorioSurvivalWube Software1.9
Far CryFirst-person ShooterCrytek Studios6
Far Cry 2First-person ShooterUbisoft5.6
FlatOut 2RacingEmpire Interactive5.3
FortsReal-time strategyEarthWork Games2.9
Future Cop L.A.P.D.Third-person ShooterElectronic Arts1.5
GRIP: Combat RacingRacingWired Productions15.4
Gang BeastsBeat em-upDouble Fine Productions3.2
Garry's ModSimulationFacepunch Studios11
Genital JoustingCasualDevolver Digital1.4
Golf It!CasualPerfuse Entertainment20
Grand Theft Auto 2Top-Down ShooterDMA Design0.72
Grand Theft Auto IVSimulationRockstar Games44.3
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (MTA)SimulationRockstar Games8.6
Grey GooReal-time strategyPetroglyph Games26.9
Grim DawnHack and SlayCrate Entertainment6.5
Gunfire RebornFirst-person ShooterDuoyi Games5.3
Half-Life / Counter-Strike (Goldsrc)First-person ShooterValve Corporation2.4
Half-Life 2: DeathmatchFirst-person ShooterValve Corporation4.3
Hearts of Iron IVReal-time strategyParadox Interactive0.73
HomefrontFirst-person ShooterTHQ20.3
Human Fall FlatCasualCurve Digital2.2
Keep Talking and Nobody ExplodesPuzzleSteel Crate Games0.55
Killing Floor 2Hack and SlayTripwire Interactive84
Kopanito All-Stars SoccerSportsMerixgames0.6
Left 4 Dead 2First-person ShooterValve Corporation24.5
MagickaHack and SlayArrowhead Game Studios3.2
Mini Motor Racing XRacingNextgen Reality Pty Ltd.5.7
Monster Hunter - WorldFirst-person ShooterCapcom96
MordhauHack and SlayTriternion29
Natural Selection 2First-person ShooterUnknown Worlds Entertainment23
Need for Speed III: Hot PursuitRacingElectronic Arts1.2
Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Redux V3)RacingElectronic Arts21.5
Need for Speed: Underground 2RacingElectronic Arts2
Nidhogg 2CasualMesshof Games0.9
No Man's SkyFirst-person ShooterHello Games17
NorthgardReal-time strategyShiro Games0.6
OpenRAReal-time strategyOpenRA Team2.9
Overcooked 2PuzzleTeam173.5
OverloadAir combatRevival Productions11.3
Party PanicCasualEverglow Interactive0.7
Payday 2First-person ShooterOverkill Software45.7
Plague Inc: EvolvedPuzzleNdemic Creations1.1
Planetary Annihilation: TITANSReal-time strategyUber Entertainment5
Portal KnightsOpen-World-Adventure505 Games5.8
Postal 2First-person ShooterRunning With Scissors1.6
Praetorians HDReal-time strategyKalypso Media3.1
Pummel PartyPuzzleRebuilt Games2.5
Quake 3 ArenaFirst-person Shooterid Software0.91
RaftSurvivalAxolot Games2.9
Re-VoltRacingAcclaim Entertainment0.07
Redout: Enhanced EditionRacing34BigThings8.5
Renegade OpsTop-Down ShooterAvalanche Studios5.1
Rise of Nations: Extended EditionReal-time strategyMicrosoft4.2
Rocket LeagueSportsPsyonix6.13
RuneHack and SlayHuman Head Studios1.8
SWAT 4Hack and SlayVivendi Universal Games3.6
SatisfactorySurvivalCoffee Stain Studios16
Scrap MechanicSimulationAxolot Games6.2
Serious Sam - The Second EncounterFirst-person ShooterCroteam0.88
Serious Sam 4Hack and SlayDevolver Digital78.5
SkyDriftAir combatHandyGames0.9
SnakeybusCasualStovetop, LLC1.7
Space EngineersFirst-person ShooterKeen Software House36
SpellbreakThird-person ShooterProletariat30
Spintires: MudRunnerSimulationFocus Home Interactive1.3
Star Trek: Voyager - Elite ForceHack and SlayActivision1.8
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi AcademyFirst-person ShooterLucasArts2.3
Star Wars: Battlefront IIHack and SlayElectronic Arts15.5
Star Wars: Episode I RacerRacingLucasArts0.42
StarCraft: RemasteredReal-time strategyBlizzard Entertainment14.5
Stardew ValleyCasualChucklefish0.9
Stick Fight: The GameCasualLandfall0.36
Stronghold Crusader HDReal-time strategyFirefly Studios1.36
Sudden Strike 4Real-time strategyKite Games11.2
SupraballSportsSupra Games0.64
Supreme Commander 2Real-time strategyGas Powered Games9.4
Sven Co-OpFirst-person ShooterSven Co-op Team43
TOXIKKFirst-person ShooterReakktor Media1.84
Team Fortress 2First-person ShooterValve Corporation26.2
The Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of Witch-kingReal-time strategyDanger Close7.1
The ForestSurvivalEndnight Games3.6
Thunder Tier OneTop-Down ShooterKRAFTON31
Titanfall 2First-person ShooterElectronic Arts112
Tom Clancys H.A.W.X. 2Air combatUbisoft6.2
Tom Clancys Rainbow Six: SiegeFirst-person ShooterUbisoft162
Tom Clancys Rainbow Six: Vegas 2First-person ShooterUbisoft11
Torchlight IIHack and SlayRunic Games3.1
Total AnnihilationReal-time strategyCavedog Entertainment2.7
Totally Accurate Battle SimulatorSimulationLandfall Games5.7
Toybox TurbosRacingCodemasters0.6
Trackmania Nations ForeverRacingNadeo1.7
Tricky TowersPuzzleWeirdBeard0.3
Ultimate Chicken HorseCasualClever Endeavor Games1.99
Unreal TournamentFirst-person ShooterEpic Games0.8
Unreal Tournament 2004First-person ShooterEpic Games8.7
Unreal Tournament 3Hack and SlayEpic Games13
V RisingHack and SlayStunlock Studios10
ValheimSurvivalCoffee Stain Studios3
Viking SquadBeat em-upSlick Entertainment1.2
Viscera Cleanup DetailFirst-person ShooterRuneStorm3.94
Warcraft 3: The Frozen ThroneReal-time strategyBlizzard Entertainment2.5
Warcraft III: ReforgedReal-time strategyBlizzard Entertainment54
Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War - SoulstormReal-time strategySEGA14
Witch ItFirst-person ShooterDaedalic Entertainment4.41
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory / ET: LegacyHack and SlayET: Legacy Team0.6
Wolfenstein: YoungbloodHack and SlayBethesda Softworks72
World in ConflictReal-time strategyMassive Entertainment12.4
Worms World Party - Remastered Tactical gameTeam1711.4
WreckfestRacingBugbear Entertainment50
It is possible to stop the synchronization. Simply switch to the desired game and press the corresponding button at the bottom left of the view.
Some games really need an alternative to the original Masterserver (i.e.: CNC4, BFBC3, BF3, MW2). We included them in the game packages (not yet 100% completed). Please follow the description of the respective game.
Generally speaking, most of the games in the launcher are compatible to their Steam counterparts. This excludes some single games like CS:GO. The reason is the high update frequence via Steam. The LAN Launcher creates an individual folder structure (on the local drive chosen by You) and your Steam games will not be affected, used or manipulated in any way.
Obviously it is very convenient to launch a CS:GO match in Steam. However, it needs a functioning, stable internet connection as well as that everybody owns that specific Steam title. Sometimes an internet connection is simply not available (especially on mid-sized events). It could also be that someone does not have his Steam login tangible, Steam not started for a while (pending updates) or for other reasons playing with this version is not possible. The LAN Launcher creates an uniform basis for all players, that allows for quick installation and as a charming option to remove it after the LAN as quick as installing it. Just delete "C:\Program Files\eti\" and the Folder "LAN" on your game hard drive.
The LAN Launcher is not supposed to be an illegal platform for game and software distribution. Please note that installation, usage and also licensing of every title is your own responsibility. The LAN Launcher is there to support both event organizer and player on smaller and bigger LAN-Parties, besides omnipresent technical obstacles to participate on the state of play in a matter of minutes. Everybody knows the trouble to get older titles playable with Windows 10, errors that occur due to lack of enabled administrative permissions and the insane diversity of the many "LAN Versions" out there. Of course you are free to solve these problems differently. Since we presented our little teaser-bideo of the Launcher, you, the players, have persuaded us to contribute against the dying of loved events, that we all grew up with and to make our little program to public project, that everybody can enjoy. Last but not least we saw some interesting games on LAN-Parties that we never heard about before, where we decided to buy them in an instant after the event. An extensive test with your friends is irreplaceable.
If you are using an older version of Windows 7 or a Windows Edition "N", the videos may not work. You can try downloading the "Media Feature Pack" from Microsoft.
LAN Launcher is not "Open Source" but classic "Freeware". But that doesn't mean that we completely exclude to offer the source code here sometime. Strictly speaking, we deliver in the Setup/Installer everything you need to build your own launcher. However, most people won't be able to benefit from the "source code" anyway, because LAN Launcher is developed in a very old, proprietary development environment and neither C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Python, Delphi, Swift, nor QT, .NET, Java or any other modern frameworks are used (with the exception of JavaScript/jQuery).

But every developer likes to use what he has the most experience with. In addition, this project is a fun and recreational project. This also means that we don't let ourselves be dictated where the development journey goes, which functions are implemented first, which are implemented later, and which are not implemented at all. We are not interested in gender discussions in the bugtracker, know-it-alls, smart-arts, professionals who have just finished their studies, as well as being able to do everything better and have never maintained a software project on this scale, let alone over several years, freeloaders and "github kiddies" who don't even think that a project like this would get a takedown there within a few hours. This is a hobby and we don't let the fun of joy be taken away so quickly.

In addition, the maintenance of the content, the tests, the documentation, the adaptation and packaging of the games, does not take up less time. Who wants to support us can become active at this point. If you think you can help with programming knowledge - impress us and let us see further.

# 910

Support for the Nemirtingas Emulator.

New content


# 909

Last update for this year! Various bug fixes and new games. LAN-only mode fully functional again.

New content


New content


# 908

Unification and clarification with the tools. SyncVM is now called Sync Server. The tools are installed consistently with an eti_-prefix in the LAN Launcher. Fixed a critical bug in the Sync Server daemon that caused the self-update to fail. We strongly recommend to run the Sync Server installation script again.

New content

Updated: DUKE3D

New content

New: GOLFIT, SPELLBREAK, updated: UT99


Update of UnRAR components (CVE-2023-40477)

New content


# 907

Internal customizations for the Tools view

# 906

Fixes an issue with repair mode not adding content to Sync

New content


New content

New: D3, THUNDER, NASE2, updated: GRIP

New content

New: GTASA, GTAIV, D1, updated: PATITANS

# 905

Automatic adjustment of the Windows network profile

New content


New content


# 904

Improved support for Uplay and Origin emulators

New content


# 903

LAN Launcher gets its own CA to enable HTTPS/TLS support for LANPage and other LAN applications, more information to follow

# 902

Sync connection detection less aggressive, LAN mode fixed, cause of various Sync crashes fixed, update to Sync 2.7.2 now functional

New content


# 901

Sync connection detection improved again, status indicator for sync initialization implemented, new tools view, display of unnecessary firewall queries immediately after program start fixed

New content


# 900

Improved Sync connection check, new Sync API port, disabling games via launcher.ini now works as expected again, LAN mode 3.0: The again revised LAN mode now uses the extended possibilities of the Windows Firewall to completely disconnect Sync from the Internet. This eliminates the need to constantly reindex when switching between connection modes, resulting in better overall performance. It should be noted that LAN mode only works when Windows Firewall and Powershell are running in standard mode and are not manipulated by a third-party product.

Code merge from experimental branch

The build number is raised to accommodate the total number of changes
Beta test for build 900 successfully completed.

New content

New: DOWSS, CNCRA3, updated: FOREST

# 846

New function to navigate from the game view to the respective game folder, new launcher.ini option to reduce the upload speed of clients to a minimum (e.g. for LAN events in a VPN environment)

New content

Updated: ANNO1404, CNCREMASTER, L4D2, COD6

# 845

Performance enhancements, themes reactivated
Sync Server updated to 20200908: switching between LAN and Internet mode, modifications for Debian 10 and Ubuntu, command listing in motd

New content


# 844

Improved check of the download progress

New content


# 843

Fixed custom.css support

# 842

Various improvements

# 841

New launcher.ini -option to force all clients into LAN mode

# 840

New statistics functions (more information in the forum)

# 839

Other new customization options (see menu item "Customization" on the website), new content: MECHANIC

# 838

Fixed an error in the processing of the launcher.ini -file, content updated: RAFT

New content


# 837

New customization options (see "Customization" on the website), preparations for possible own game databases

# 836

Adjustments to the sync preconfiguration

# 835

Online self-update now disableable, several bug fixes in the game database, updated: BATALLION, EARTHFALL, new content: KOPANITO, TOTAL, DEATHREALLY, HUMAN, NMS, BAROTRAUMA

# 834

Extensive stability improvements and performance optimizations related to Sync, LAN mode should now work as expected in all situations again

# 833

Game recommendations removed, various stability improvements

# 832

Game recommendations implemented for test purposes

# 831

Deinstallation adjusted again, deinstallation now accessible via settings menu, themes temporarily deactivated, display of game recommendations activated, updated: COD6, GRIP

New game

New game: BF4

# 830

Pressing the ESC key causes a change to the game overview instead of exiting the graphical user interface. New content: MORDHAU

# 829

New function for automatic removal of obsolete content (Launcher, SyncVM), all parameters can now be called with prefix "/" or "-", content removed: SHOTFARM, SC2, LOLSANDBOX, updated: BLANDS2

# 828

Refresh function revised again, various stability improvements, new content: SHOTFARM, TOYBOX

# 827

The switch for updating content now works as expected, updated: CSGO, BATALLION, OPENCNC, EARTHFALL, TTOWERS, PKNIGHTS, FOREST, ALIENSWARM, WITCH, OPENCNC

# 826

Deinstallation now also executes deinstallation instructions of certain games, new content: UCHICKEN, BLANDS2, MUDRUNNER

# 825

New parameter: /remove (uninstalls LAN Launcher completely)
Graphics on the website refreshed, various contentwise improvements

# 824

New switch in the settings dialog to disable the preview videos, updated: WRECKFEST, PATITANS, REVOLT, COD6

# 823

New indicator for the download status in the game detail view, reworked: LOTRBFME2

# 822

Changed some timers to address a problem where UI could freeze after some time. New games: BATALLION, VISCERAL, PLAQUE, GRIP, re-release: LOTRBFME2

# 821

New game: LOTRBFME2, integrated improved.

# 820

Integrated experimental functions, which can be activated via DNS entries:

If a server is active on "http://chat.lan:3000/", LAN Launcher automatically connects to it and opens a portable chat client.

Possibility to give the LAN Launcher your own "branding": make a file "logo.jpg" (150x50 px) accessible at "http://launcher.lan/logo.jpg".

# 819

Game overview was sometimes not displayed when first called after installation, new parameters added:

/nolimits (no limitation to three concurrent installations)
/wtfdudeareyoutransferious (install all games at once - omg, don't do it!)
/nopreqsetup (no prompt to install frequently used libraries)

# 818

Experimental avatar generator for SSE games, various stability improvements, updates for some games

# 817

A game in the new package format might not have been installed correctly, and the game view could not be opened afterwards

New game

Call of Duty: United Offensive has been added! (Thanks to Lando_Calrissian)

# 816

Games in the list view can now be sorted by the maximum number of possible players

# 815

Repair function is now again functional, the No Sync / Offline mode can now be deactivated, minimal visual changes

# 814

Removed grayscaling of the game graphics for testing purposes, performance of the interface considerably increased

# 813

This version adresses an issue where the user interface stops responding or reacts very slowly after a while

# 812

New function for removing installation files (No Sync / offline mode), integrated LAN chat (experimental), integrated TeamViewer QuickSupport (support option by experienced LAN participants), copying the IP address in the settings, searching the LAN data drive, various improvements to the user interface, revised main menu icons, added some preview videos

# 811

Added support for possibly configured proxy servers

# 810

Improvement of the new package format, general stability improvements

# 809

Enhanced support for new package format. Improved support for additional steam emulators

Games updated

New: JC3 MP (replaces JC2 MP), WRECKFEST, HOI4

# 808

Fixed an error in the setup component that did not correctly set up the self-update during a new installation

# 807

Introduction of a new package format (Single-RAR)
An upgrade for the now obsolete Launcher 707 is distributed, which updates the 7xx version branch to 8xx (upgrade). We get rid of old ballast, which makes maintenance and further development much easier for us

Games updated


# 806

Selfupdate completely revised, new additional package format, performance improved, new installation packages provided and all 7xx setup packages removed
The alpha test runs so well that the team decides to rename the "Alpha" version to "Beta" without further ado. The public alpha test is terminated, because the new Launcher is already far superior to the last stable version 707, even if not all functions are available in the new interface (LANshare, Sync VM). Now only the new version is offered on the website, even if the team still considers it as "beta"

# 805

Sporadically continuing ghost process, which does not (anymore) execute a task, sporadically unnecessary long pause between download and installation fixed

Games updated

New: SWRACER, BF2142 and COJ2, bugs fixed: HAWX2 can now be started, automatic language selection activated for BFBC2, BF1942, CNC4, R6 Siege and other non-SSE titles

Games updated

Dead Island replaced by Dead Island Definitive Edition, TOXIKK now complies to current Steam version

# 804

Various stability improvements, default theme slightly changed, contrast of the game overview moderately changed

# 803

"Keygen" and "Start Server" work again as expected, 78 preview videos revised

# 802

Sync IgnoreList was not created correctly

New game

Blobby Volley 2 has been added quickly on request!

# 801

LAN mode did not work as expected after the change
KAWOOSH! There it is! The first version of the new LAN Launcher. A milestone, sh*****, yes! We get a lot of useful feedback, there are some mistakes and problems, but that's exactly why we do such a test. Among other things, an automatic upgrade from an older version from the #700 version range will be tested

# 800

Completion of the first usable version for the alpha test

Code merge from experimental branch

The build number is raised to accommodate the total number of changes
The team decides to run a public alpha test for the secretly developed, completely redesigned LAN Launcher

# 707

Installation of frequently used system components is now forced, new game: GANGBEASTS

# 706

New game: PKNIGHTS

# 705

New game: SUPREME2

# 704

Internal Test-Release

Secretly the project "LAN Launcher V2" starts - in fact a complete revision of the LAN Launcher. It is completely unclear whether all goals can be achieved. But there are many ideas:

  • Complete migration to an internal SQL database (Core)
  • Implementation of a fully automated build system (Internals)
  • Rework of the automatic updater (core)
  • Rework of problematic modules to reduce false alarms of common AV software (Internals)
  • Separation of core components and content (Core)
  • Complete parallelization (Core/Worker/GameTK)
  • Detection of failed installation processes (GameTK)
  • Revision of the renderer for the surface representation (Core)
  • Finally a real search function (UI)
  • More reliable display of transfer speed (UI)
  • Migration to BTSync/Resilio Sync 2.x (Core/Worker)
  • Reliable change of connection mode (Core)
  • Reliable repair mode with synchronization recovery (Internals)
  • Multilingualism: German, English, French (Core/GameTK/UI)
  • Themes (UI)

# 703


# 702

New game: DAYLIGHT

# 701


# 700

Extensive internal changes, SQLite now database format, improved performance of the user interface

Code merge from experimental branch

The build number is raised to accommodate the total number of changes

# 617

User interface bug fixes, references to the help forums integrated, New game: RENEGADE

# 616

Video Player now works again as expected, update for CHIVALRY

# 615

Fixed minor bugs in the user interface

# 614

Fixed several bugs on the apps page

# 614

Game detail view now works as expected on all pages

# 613

Pages in the user interface are now opened much more quickly

# 612

Apps page now works again as expected, enhanced support for RevEmu

# 611

New game detail view in the user interface, new games: FOREST, BLUR

# 610

New function to install often required system requirements automatically, AOE3 no longer invisible after installation

# 609

Fixed bug in user interface, reduced graphic effects on each page

# 608

GOLDSRC no longer invisible after installation

# 607

New games: WOC, GOLDSRC, GTA2, RUNE, SSAM (thanks to duplo141)

# 606

Fixed minor bug in the search function, improved setup routine

# 605

New page-based search, minor troubleshooting

# 604

EMPEARTH no longer invisible after installation, IP address in the settings dialog no longer truncated

# 603

New games: TF2, HL2DM, UT2004, EMPEARTH, AOE3, SWJKJA

# 602

Player names are now used as expected, some games have to be re-packaged, all user interface sounds have been removed

# 601

New settings menu and new game: COH2

# 600

Great patch for CHIVALRY, minor improvements to the user interface

Code merge from experimental branch

The build number is raised to accommodate the total number of changes

# 559

Sync interface button now offers restart, new auto-repair function after reinstallation

# 558

LAN mode now works as expected, requires reinstallation

# 557

New game: CHIVALRY, fixed bug in Steam Client

# 556

Critical bug fixed in update component, New games: ANNO 1404, LOLSANDBOX
The beta restrictions are canceled, LAN Launcher is now available after registration in the forum

# 555

The repair function now works as expected, new LAN mode to restrict transmission to the local network, fixes
The beta test starts successfully with approx. 100 players. Only players with a beta key can participate. Many wishes, errors and suggestions are received

# 554

Needed functionality added for closed beta test
The decision is to carry out a closed beta test with interested users of the image board. The necessary infrastructure and a discussion forum are being prepared.
The eti team decides to present the project on a well-known German imageboard and is completely surprised by positive feedback and the amount of interested users. Up to now, LAN Launcher is known and available only via word of mouth

# 553

Games are now removed without restarting the launcher

# 552

Extensive performance improvements and a big update for AOE2

# 551

Fixed a disgraceful bug that prevented games from being completely removed

# 550

The LAN Steam server detection did not work as expected

# 549

The LAN Steam Client can be installed for the first time

# 548

New game! FACTORIO

# 547

Retired, unstable release

# 546

Added key for LAN Steam Client and Sync VM

# 545

Retired, unstable release

# 544

Retired, unstable release

# 543

Many bugs fixed, stability improved

# 542

Retired, unstable release

# 541

Internal improvements, new dynamic key list

# 540

Retired, unstable release

# 539

Early preparations for LAN Steam Client

# 538

New games! COD2, Q3A and KTANE

# 537

Fixed a script error that caused a strange state in the user interface

# 536

Improved routine for state identification

# 535

New update component, LAN Launcher is now a "rolling release", all players automatically receive the latest version

# 534

Many minor bugs fixed

# 533

Repair, Remove and Keygen now work as expected

# 532

Fixed critical bug of the previous version

# 531

Retired, unstable release

# 530

Epic version! There are now preview videos, games can be removed and repaired

# 529

The parallel installation of games is disabled due to numerous feedback from the testers, which results in a better synchronization performance

# 528

BF1942 compatibility with Windows 10 improved and startup bug fixed

# 527

Default font style changed to Arial to avoid restrictions on temporary fonts installation under Windows 10

# 526

Fixed problems with FMOD sound library and DirectX

# 525

First full release to testers
At this time, the main component was already compiled 524 times, so the first release received the build number 525
Introduction of public build numbers to identify running versions
First successes, a game can be synchronized and installed. The basis is provided by existing ETI packages
Start development phase
Testing with BTSync API
First draft
Project idea
eti team is playing with the idea of updating the game packages P2P-based
Packages receive HTTP-based updaters
eti team is building packages to simplify the use of popular games on LAN parties without any internet connection and Steam


You can give the LAN Launcher a personal touch with a DNS entry and a web server, and also link to the page of your event. For this purpose it is sufficient to make a configuration file and a logo in JPG format accessible under the pseudo domain launcher.lan. Please note that due to the wide range of DNS server software available, we will not mention any further configuration examples here. We are also working on making it possible for you to integrate your own games into the launcher. The DNS configuration serves as a basis for future functions.


To integrate your own logo into the LAN Launcher, create a file logo.jpg in 150x50 px format and make sure it is available at http://launcher.lan/logo.jpg.


To link your personal logo to a specific website, create a text file launcher.ini and make sure it is accessible at http://launcher.lan/launcher.ini. The text file can contain variables like lan_title, lan_id, lan_url and ts3_server.

It is also possible to specify links for an additional navigation menu that is only visible in branding/event mode.


If you create a stylesheet with the name launcher.css and make it accessible at http://launcher.lan/launcher.css, LAN Launcher will use the stylesheet for the program interface. This will allow you to create your own theme and give your event an even more personal touch.

At LANPage you can find sample files for all customization options.


The LAN Launcher, this website and all other eti tools are leisure projects. We do not earn money here, nor is there anywhere advertising or other such stuff. Everything has been created for the fun, from concrete needs among friends and just because such a LAN Launcher is a really cool thing ;-)

The operation of this site and the infrastructure necessary for the LAN Launcher of course, costs a little money, which the team regularly invests on privately, so that you can benefit from this project. That is why we are very grateful for every donation.

  • Monero / XMR

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Make a splash

Show the LAN Launcher to your friends. More action in the forum, an active community - that motivates. This way we are also more motivated to sacrifice more leisure time for the project.


Also in other ways you can help! You have discovered a bug? You know a cool game and that would fit perfectly into the Launcher? You have a mod or another extension for game XY to offer? Are you an experienced developer? Sign up in the forum and introduce your ideas!